2200w Halogen Light Kit with Boom


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MFR Code: 2200BHK Britek
This is a great halogen light kit for both photo enthusiasts and amateurs. This halogen light kit can deliver 2200 watts of output and is also equipped with a boom stand. This kit works best for photographers that wish to complement their image. Halogen lights are highly versatile since they can be used for documentaries, commercials, fashion, portraits, and also personal habits.

Normally, halogen lights with lower power output can be used as a hair light. The purpose of the hair light is to perfect the image rather than draw the viewer’s attention towards a specific spot. As a result of this purpose, hair lights are placed directly above the subject and should not put out more light than the key lights. Set up the hair exposure of your camera correctly and use the hair light appropriately to keep hair looking nice and healthy! The hair light is also equipped with a barn door so that you can adjust the angle of the light, similar to the louver you use at home. The other halogen light mounted on the light stand can be adjusted between 300 and 600 watts and can be used as a kicker light, which is used to light up one aspect of the subject. The reason why we use a bit lower output light is because it will create and enhance contrast as you are taking portrait photo shoots. The light is power adjustable so you can adjust the intensity of the light based on your needs.
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2200BHK 2200w Halogen Light Kit with Boom  
8047 1000w Halogen Light 1 $89.99 
NP3310 Britek LT-NP3310 10' Photo Light Stand 2 $69.98 
A4098B A4098B Boom Stand 1 $79.99 
3429S 32''x32''Softbox 1 $49.99 
8054 300w/600w Halogen Light (Power Adjustable) 2 $161.98 
3428S 24''x24''Softbox 2 $85.98 
2056 D180mm Barndoor 1 $32.99 
2020M Medium Carry Bag (23"x11"x11.5") 1 $8.99 
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