1800w Digital/Video 3 Twin Halogen Light Kit


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MFR Code: 1800THK Britek
 The picture displayed on the last photo with the model posing is actually two 650W halogen lights not the 600W halogen’s that are included in this kit; however, this will give you an idea about how bright the images actually are when 1800W halogen lighting kit is used. In this photo, the model’s body is lit up evenly with two 650W halogen lights and the reflection from the mirror. The area that is being photographed is approximately 15 by 7 square feet. If you happen to shoot on locations a lot and need to generate warm color temperature, the 1800W halogen lighting kit is a light kit you can’t afford to miss. The HL8054, 300/600 watt power-adjustable light is similar to the HL8061 in the aspect of their size. Although it’s the 650 watt, HL8061, not the 600W that’s actually displayed in that last photo, it gives you an idea about the actual dimensions of the unit.

You may have different light configurations when you run into different types of lighting situations. The model may have her upper body 45 degrees turned left from the camera, and she may have her head tilted about 20 degrees turned right from the camera angle. The third halogen light could be very helpful because it will function as a backlight to fill in the shadows. Go for this 1800W halogen light kit with boom if you wish to create a really awesome hair light effect. This hair light effect is difficult to reproduce with computer software such as Photoshop.
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1800THK 1800w Digital/Video 3 Twin Halogen Light Kit  
8054 300w/600w Halogen Light (Power Adjustable) 3 $242.97 
8054-1 bulb for 8054 Halogen Light 6 $77.94 
8406 Photo video Spring-cushioned 6' light stand 3 $98.97 
3428S 24''x24''Softbox 2 $85.98 
2004 D130mm Barndoor 1 $22.99 
3178-3 Small Stand Bag for 4057 and 4064 1 $7.99 
2020M Medium Carry Bag (23"x11"x11.5") 1 $8.99 
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