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Linco Inc. is devoted to manufacturing and selling innovative, reliable, durable and quality photography lighting equipment at very reasonable prices.

Now, Linco Inc. kindly invites our customers to share the joyful experience they had with existing amateurs, professional or potential photographers.

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David Griffin

David Griffin is a professional photography producer.

Halogen with Fluorescent light

Linco Inc. specializes in professional studio lighting equipment. Fluorescent, halogen and strobe lights are three major fields of the lighting system.

Halogen Light with Softbox

How halogen lights provide warm and low color temperature lights (which indicates around 3200K).

Halogen Light with Reflection

In order to get an excellent shot, the photographer should determine what kind of shooting circumstance they are in to use the softbox or umbrella.

Customer Feedback

We have received a surprising non-ad recommendation about satisfaction to our Pro and Home Series Studio Lighting from Dennis Hodges, IFPO Kansas City!

Window Daylight Anytime Without Actual Window

Shown here is a simple light setup which offers lots of versatility. Photographers go back to this setup time and time again as we do because the light setup is so flexible and quick to setup.

Fluorescent Light

Fluorescent lights help a lot when it comes with a silver photo umbrella ahead.

Smash Photo, Long Beach

No big secret here. Find easiest way to cut your lighting setup time in half? or more!

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